That’s gotta be my favorite SDCC pic this year. (x)


That’s gotta be my favorite SDCC pic this year. (x)

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There’s also a pg porn with Nathan Fillion if you wanted to know!

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#no one was sadder about firefly’s cancellation than nathan fillion



The best thing that ever happened was definitely during “The Message”. I think for some reason it wasn’t on the gag reel. It was possibly the best piece of acting I’ve ever seen, which is the three-sixty [360 degree camera rotation] that Tim [as director] did while everyone was listening to the farewell message from Tracey [played by Jonathon Woodward]. And Nathan is standing with Zoe, looking kind of stricken - this is his old friend - and the camera pans around to Kaylee - and Nathan’s sitting next to Kaylee, looking kind of stricken in another way. And he managed to duck under the camera and get to every single member of the cast and just look really sad [laughs]. And some of them just could not keep it together and some of them did. But I’ve got to tell you - it’s hard to describe. And then when it finally panned down to the body in the coffin, Nathan was lying in [Woodward’s] arms, looking stricken. It was unbelievable - not only hilarious, but technically proficient. He really put some thought into it. But that’s Nathan.

— Joss Whedon, Firefly - The Official Companion. Volume Two


Let me remind you that this is the man who managed to say “the hammer is my penis” in Dr. Horrible and not break down laughing

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Nathan on Shakespeare.

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Nathan Fillion surprising Jewel Staite & Sean Maher (NYCC 2012)

basically the cutest thing ever

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Castle & Firefly References 

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Nathan Fillion 2012-2014, Selected works

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