Tron Legacy-Los Angeles Premiere

Oh look, exactly what my blog needs right now: more adoraderps. HI YOU THREE~

These three.

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Sam all marked up (◡‿◡✿)

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Esquire Behind the Scenes || New Generation

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You need to have that unique combination of intelligence, wit, humour and a certain look and a certain physicality..and Garrett just embodies all those things.
— [Director Joseph Kosinski on the reason for casting Garrett as Sam Flynn]

GET TO KNOW ME MEME (3/9) | 7 Favorite Actors/Actresses↳ Garrett Hedlund(by smileatthewolf)

GET TO KNOW ME MEME (3/9| 7 Favorite Actors/Actresses
↳ Garrett Hedlund
(by smileatthewolf)

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Oh honey….

How did Garrett Hedlund ever work again after his acting in Troy?